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    The distinctive approach to our coaching process is built around the belief paradigms of successful people and how successful people get even better. The leadership development process is tailored to take advantage of the positive aspect of successful people’s beliefs in overcoming other aspects that can interfere with their improvement.

    The Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process is based upon three key principles:

    Place attention and focus on the stakeholders of the person being coached
    Emphasize feedforward
    Change behavior and perception in parallel
    The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® methodology is a simple methodology that is neither time consuming nor difficult to understand. The method is based upon years of working with successful leaders who were willing to do what it takes to becoming even better leaders in their future. Without question, anyone who follows the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Process will improve in his or her leadership.
    Our coaching services are offered and structured with flexibility given the diverse needs, budgets and urgency for growth and development. For instance, we offer a 3-4 month “transition” coaching for those leaders recently promoted to a more complexed and/or broader role, for example a Director level moving to Vice-President role.
    We offer 6-month, 9-month and often one-year engagements for those leaders interested in growing new skill set, behaviors and capabilities, or, those who are highly successful but struggle with some behavior that is getting in the way of continued success.

    We would be delighted to discuss our approach and 5-step process in more detail, contact us today!