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  • Hal Bolter, President, RFS

    I recall my coaching relationship with Dr. Phil De La Torre with fondness, and specifically the inflection point in my career that our time together represented. My effectiveness as a leader improved in immeasurable ways during my time with you. You impacted me in several areas, but if I were forced to prioritize for the sake of time, three specifics come to mind:
    Engagement & Influence – both with my people and with the influencers above me in the supply chain. You were the catalyst for the development of both a formal 121 schedule and agenda for me with my direct reports, and with our monthly written business update, which evolved into our quarterly MD&A. These tools/practices became great aids to creating a business rhythm and greater accountability that cascaded throughout the organization.
    Providing Feedback through “feed forward” – I still recall the development lessons learned through this valuable exercise with my team. The awareness of areas for development, that were previously blind to me, coupled with specific action steps that prompted lasting change, are portions of my personal development that will last forever.
    You helped me develop a personal vision for leadership excellence. Although this vision changed three times during our multi-year engagement, this written document provided a “north star” for me to look at regularly during our journey, and beyond. I still reach for my vision regularly, as a mental reminder and motivational tool; as a way to keep focus on the goal, and as a way to prioritize my time and energy to engage in the most important events going on in our business.

    May 4, 2018