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  • Mercedes de Belaustegui, SR. HR Leader, Disney, Latin America
  • Mercedes de Belaustegui, SR. HR Leader, Disney, Latin America

    I had the pleasure of working with Phil de la Torre for the past 4 years as our Organizational development partner supporting the Latin American Market. He has been a critical player in the transformation we have embarked in. Phil has been a true business partner truly enabling the transformation of our leaders to become positive influencers, lead more effectively and board a journey of continuous improvement and constant self-development with clear and concrete outcomes that show a strong track record of success with our teams.
    He has also become a key partner to my HR team challenging us to become stronger coaches and professionals to drive the transformation and generate more impact in our role and interactions.
    Phil is not only a valuable and highly regarded coach, he is also a wonderful facilitator leading sessions across 10 different countries in our region with a natural ability to blend in with any culture and team dynamic.
    On a personal note Phil has been my personal coach and guiding star in my own personal journey of growth in the past few years, he always has the right question or remark to trigger my thinking and kick in the right motivation for action and reflection. Thank you, Phil for this wonderful time working together and collaborating!

    May 4, 2018