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    Training Workshops

    Our training programs are offer both live classroom instruction and eLearning modules covering important topics for today’s workplace including:

    • Adapting Your Leadership Style
    • Balancing Priorities
    • Coaching for Development
    • Communicating as a Manager
    • New Manager Start-up & Leadership 101
    • Delegating for Growth
    • Developing Your Direct Reports
    • Employee Engagement
    • Managing Offsite Employees
    • Effective Meetings
    • Team Excellence & Skillful Collaboration
    • Conflict Strategies (Effective Conflict Management)
    • Motivating Employees to do Their Best

    Our live classroom programs are typically half-day/3.5 hours and many of our eLearning modules are about an hour in length.

    We also customize training to address specific challenges you and/or your organization are faced with.

    Some of our programs offer a bonus coaching and feedback component.

    Most of our programs includes Pre-work and some include a follow-up assignment to ensure the successful “transfer of learning” back to the job.